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Metaire’s Allergy Care

Dr. Alan Sheen, MD, specializes in treating allergies and immune system diseases. If you suffer from acute or chronic asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, hives, angioedema, food allergies, or environmental allergies, the doctor and his team of medical professionals can help.

With over 35 years in allergy specialty, Dr. Sheen is a 1993 New Orleans Magazine Top Doctor, listed in the Guide to America's Top Physicians and the International Who's Who in Medicine.

If you suffer from animal dander, pollen, or food allergies, Dr. Sheen will target the triggers of your symptoms and design an individualized plan of treatment and prevention. Dr. Sheen's personalized systems help every patient live a comfortable, healthy life. Working from 2 different offices as well as on the East Jefferson Hospital Staff, Children's Hospital Staff, Tulane University Hospital Staff, and St. Tammany Hospital Staff, Dr. Sheen is able to offer many people allergy treatments in Southern Louisiana. From non-drug techniques, medications, to shots, he will find the solution that will help stop sneezing, itching, or wheezing.

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Dr. Alan Sheen provides innovative, customized treatments for asthma so you can stop coughing and wheezing. Breathe better and enjoy more activities, free of symptoms.

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Allergy doctor, Dr. Sheen, will pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and find the best solution for you. Whether it is child allergies, food allergies, or environmental allergies.  

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Dr. Sheen specializes in immunization, conditions that affect your immune system. Dr. Sheen will find the right combination of treatment strategies to make your daily routine more manageable.

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Starting Monday, October 4th our temporary Metairie office will be located at 3525 North Causeway Boulevard Suite 728 Metairie Louisiana 70002. Hours will be Monday and Wednesday from 8:30-12:45 and 1:30-4:30. Friday hours will be from 8:30-11:30