Dr. Alan Sheen's Specialties

Allergy Doctor Services

From sore throats and earaches to sinusitis or hearing loss, Dr. Alan E Sheen M.D. is equipped to handle all your otolaryngology needs. To help you understand your options, we've included a list and description of some of our leading services on this page.


Dr. Alan Sheen specializes in asthma treatments, working with patients who suffer from mild, moderate, or severe asthma. Asthma can affect people of all ages—many times, the onset is in early childhood, but some patients don’t develop asthma until adulthood. Exposure to harsh conditions in your occupational environment can also trigger asthma symptoms.

Asthma treatments are two-fold: long term control and prevention of attacks and acute treatment during an asthma attack. Daily control medications include inhaled anti-inflammatory drugs, administered through an inhaler, along with oral medications. Quick relief medications used as needed for rapid relief during an attack include short-acting beta agonists, nebulizer treatments, and oral corticosteroids. The goal is to create a treatment plan that will allow you to not only breathe easily day to day, but enjoy an active lifestyle free from attacks.

If you’re seeking treatment solutions for your asthma, Contact Dr. Alan Sheen to get started by scheduling your initial appointment.


Dr. Alan Sheen provides allergy therapy for many types of allergies: from food allergies and child allergies to dust, pollen, animal, and environmental allergies, which include spring and fall hay fever. He also treats conditions associated with allergic reactions, including hives, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and bronchitis. He also treats angioedema, which is a rapid swelling of the deep layers of skin. This must be treated as a medical emergency as there is a risk of suffocation when tissue in the nose and throat swell. An adrenaline injection, antihistamine, or steroids are used to treat this condition. A combination of medications and avoiding exposure to the allergen will prevent angioedema in most cases.


Dr. Alan Sheen also provides immunization treatments for management of autoimmune disorders. These include celiac disease, Addison’s disease, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other immune system diseases. The goals of treatment are to reduce symptoms, strengthen the immune system, and maintain your body’s ability to fight disease. Treatments are customized for your specific condition—these may include hormonal supplements, vitamins, insulin injections, and immunosuppressive medications. For more information about solutions to your Immunology concerns, contact us to schedule a consultation or continue your current treatments at our office.