When To See an Allergy Doctor: Signs That It’s Time To Seek Professional Help

When To See an Allergy Doctor: Signs That It’s Time To Seek Professional Help

Allergies can be difficult to control, and you may need the help of an expert, your allergist. Dr. Alan Sheen is an allergy doctor who offers a full range of allergy services, including allergy testing and treatment. He has two convenient office locations in Metairie, and Covington, LA, to help you get relief from allergies.

What You Need to Know About Allergies and Allergy Treatment 

The signs and symptoms of an allergy can vary from person to person. Some people only experience allergy symptoms at certain times of the year, usually in the spring and summer. Others suffer from allergy symptoms all year long.

If you have allergies, you might experience:

  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Itchy, scratchy eyes
  • A runny or congested nose
  • A rash on your skin

A severe allergy can cause a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylactic shock, which can make breathing extremely difficult. It’s time to see an allergist if the allergy signs and symptoms are:

  • Getting worse over time
  • Not controlled with over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants
  • Affecting your quality of life
  • Making it difficult to breathe

Your allergist will begin with allergy testing, which can include:

  • Skin testing, which is the most common type of test
  • Challenge testing, which is used to test for food allergies
  • Blood testing, which is used if a severe allergic reaction is suspected

Once the specific allergic substances are identified, known as allergens, modifications can be made at home to avoid the substances. In addition, your allergist will recommend several types of treatment to keep allergy signs and symptoms under control. Common treatments for allergies include:

  • Allergy shots
  • Nasal sprays
  • Sublingual immunotherapy
  • Prescription-strength decongestant medication
  • Prescription-strength antihistamine medication

Want To Know More About Allergies and Allergy Testing?

To find out more about when to seek out the help of an allergy doctor and how allergy services can help you, call Dr. Alan Sheen. You can reach him in the Metairie, LA, office by calling (504) 456-1999, or in Covington, LA, at (985) 246-6077, so call today.

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