The Importance of Immunizations

The Importance of Immunizations

Vaccines have a long and proven record of effectiveness in helping both individuals and society at large. There are many benefits to immunizations, and some of them will be discussed below, but learn more about their importance by reaching out to Dr. Alan Sheen in Metairie and Covington, LA.

Benefits of Vaccines

By being vaccinated, your child is protected from complications from a variety of diseases. Immunizations being widespread also reduces the chances of those who are more susceptible to these complications coming into contact with those who are infected. It isn't just a theory either, thanks to vaccines, many diseases that were once so prevalent have now been mostly eradicated.

The Immune System

The body's immune system is indeed very capable of defending itself against invaders. But when it comes into contact with a disease with which it is unfamiliar, it can easily become overwhelmed. The role of vaccines is to teach the immune system to be better prepared against specific diseases.

They do this, in very simple terms, by introducing a weakened or deactivated form of a pathogen to the immune system. This teaches the immune system how to combat the pathogen if it comes into contact with it in the future.

The Immunization Schedule

Vaccines are not given out all at once as soon as your child is born, instead, they are spread out throughout their lives and given whenever they have maximum effectiveness.

This is what's often referred to as the immunization schedule, which you can always find available on the CDC website, but your child's doctor can do a great job of keeping records of their vaccines and when the next ones are due.

Immunizations in Metairie and Covington, LA

Make sure your children are caught up on their immunizations. If you live in or around the Metairie and Covington, LA, area you can schedule a visit with Dr. Sheen by dialing (504) 456-1999 to reach the Metairie, LA, office and (985) 246-6077 for Covington, LA.

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